Whether your love story is a quiet day with just the two of you in your grandmother’s backyard, a rendezvous to the Swiss Alps, or a big weekend-long celebration, I want it to be authentically you. Listen up. Your love is not a cookie cutter romance, and your wedding day shouldn’t be either. 

A day beyond your

wildest dreams

I want to do your story justice. I know that you deserve so much more than an uncomfortable prom pose or fake cheesy smiles. Of course, I’ll guide you through our shoot so you’re not awkwardly standing in front of the camera, wondering what to do with your hands. But what we create will be natural, organic, real + raw.

I’m not looking to tell everybody’s love story- I’m looking to help illustrate yours.

every love story is unique


If you’re like most people planning a wedding, you’ve probably never had to sift through hundreds of photographers’ websites and land on that perfect one for your big day. It can be scary, overwhelming, confusing… all of the things planning a wedding shouldn’t be.

But a wedding photographer that just gets you will make all the difference in the world. Trust me, if you’re going to be spending all day with your photographer, you better jive! 


Awkward moments… are those even a thing with you!? If they are, we never experienced them! It was so easy to work with you that at one point, my fiance said ‘this is like working with a peppier version of our best friend.


Kara did photos for our anniversary celebration and they are some of my favorite pictures ever! The session was not only professional, but super fun. The organic, almost candid nature of Kara’s style make for photos that look natural, rather than posed and forced. She perfectly captured our love! 


She takes such personal interest and care, understanding your personalities and wants for the day, and walking you through the best options/advice she's encountered already to try to help things run smoothly and manage your expectations. Her photos themselves are natural and beautiful.


her work is perfection. She nailed it. I could not be happier, I'd use her again for any and all life's events, and don't hesitate to recommend her highly. 


Kara was amazing from the get go and we felt so comfortable to be ourselves and knew she would capture the best of us! She was a blessing to work with as she was energetic, fun, and professional. Her turn around time was so quick and her editing skills were perfection. We loved every single image!


kara is the best cheerleader I could have asked for. I am completely thrilled with my photos, and they make me feel so beautiful. If you've never been cheered on in your underwear by Kara, I highly recommend it!


When you pick the right photographer for you, it’s like the stars align. You’re in your element, the photographer’s in their element, and real magic can be made. So… maybe that’s me, maybe it’s not! I thrive when I’m around people who love life, adventure, and a good dance break. And when I’m thriving, my creative juices are flowing and you’re getting the very best of me (which is really what’s very best for you)!

All that being said, I am not the photographer for everyone! And that’s okay! 

Let's chat!

Are we the perfect pair? 

I wanna know ev-er-y-thing! Spill the deets and I’ll get back to you within 72 hours so that we can get to the real nitty gritty. We’ll set up a Facetime or get together for some coffee and you can ask me any question under the sun! 

Once we’ve connected and we know that we’re a match made in heaven, let’s seal the deal! We’ll work together to figure out exactly what you need, building out a custom package for your specific needs, and when you’re ready to book, I just require a 30% non-refundable retainer and a signed contract. It’s that easy! 

 Any photographer can show up on your wedding day and start shooting, but I believe that natural, candid photography starts long before the camera is fired up. So I wanna spend a few months getting to know you and hear about everything you’ve got planned. Got timeline questions? Need help location scouting? Not sure about a first look? Lean on me! We just became best friends!  

Your big day is here and we’re gonna party so damn hard! Whether it’s a private elopement, a jam-packed dance floor, or something in between, it’s gonna be perfectly you and it’ll go off without a hitch! 

Within two weeks, you’ll get a sneak peek to share, and within six weeks, your full wedding gallery comes to you! These photos are going to bring back all of that magic you felt on your big day, all of the memories of how it felt. The photos show up fully edited in my signature style, delivered in a private online gallery, and they’re yours forever (just like your boo). 

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When you book with me, it’s more than just a vendor to check off your list. It’s a whole experience. A brand new friend. A support system like none other. It’s guidance on every stressful part of wedding planning. A listening ear when you just need to talk for an hour about how perfect those centerpieces are gonna be. A location scout to get you the most beautiful backdrop. I’m in your corner from day one, going out of my way to make sure this day is perfect for you. You wanna make real magic? Trust me- I do too.

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