Every curve


Your body is a work of art. Every scar, blemish, freckle, and stretch mark. They make up your body and they make you hella gorgeous!

Kara made me feel completely comfortable and super confident. I couldn't believe how fast the time went by! She completely understands the use of light, space, and wardrobe, and created absolute art out of pieces I couldn't quite put together.

Kara is a skilled photographer, confident in suggesting posing, eager to try new things, and is the best cheerleader I could have asked for. I am completely thrilled with my photos, and they make me feel so beautiful.

"If you've never been cheered on in your underwear by Kara, I highly recommend it."



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Confidence looks so good on you girl! Let’s celebrate what makes you you, and forget the rest. Whether it’s a cozy sweater and a good book by the fireplace, your sexiest little black bodysuit, or absolutely nothing but the sheets. Boudoir makes the perfect gift- for yourself, your soon-to-be-spouse, your partner of 20 years, or a cheeky little surprise! 

You get more than just a photo shoot out of a boudoir session. You’ll be empowered, inspired, and feeling confident as hell. Plus, a great excuse to buy some new lingerie!

A two hour session is $550, includes up to 3 outfit changes with the option to get a few tasteful nudes by the end. Need some help figuring out what to wear? I’m here to help! You’ll feel comfortable and confident in my natural light studio, with the option to move your session to a location of your choice.

Photos are delivered safe and sound in a private online gallery with the option to download digital versions or print in an album
(an excellent gift, which I highly recommend)! 

An experience worth investing in...

what makes you feel beautiful?

Is hair and makeup included?

I want you to feel your absolute best, and sometimes that means getting a little extra dolled up. I work with a handful of hair and makeup artists who are experts at that perfectly sultry look. While hair and makeup is not included in your package, it’s an easy add-on!


Is hair and makeup included?

Is hair and makeup included?

Who’s boudoir for?

It’s for you babe! There are no rules about who gets to feel sexy and confident. No exceptions: not gender, or body size, or religion, or sexuality… or anything else you could imagine! We all deserve to be celebrated for the skin we’re in!


What should I wear?

Well… what makes you feel amazing?! Because my boudoir session includes multiple outfits, we can start comfortable and get a little bit more daring with each outfit change. I love to finish out sessions with a couple of tasteful nudes in the sheets, and trust me- you’re gonna love it too!


Will you retouch my flaws? 

Flaws? Never heard of them. Babe, we’re here to celebrate you, not shame you! Trust me- you look incredible on your own, no retouching needed. If need be, I may remove temporary blemishes (acne, bruises, and the like).


Can we shoot in my personal home?

The best environment for me to shoot in is a natural light studio, meant for photo sessions. One with a bed, some furniture, beautiful exposed walls, and space to lay out all of your outfit selections. I can give you a few options of my favorite studio spaces to shoot in that offer privacy and variety! 


I wanna book!

Yeah, same. Let’s hang out! Making people feel gooooood is one of my favorite things, so slide into my DMs and let’s get this show on the road!

send me a note!

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