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Engagement Sessions

Syd and Dani are first of all thoughtful, shortly followed by intentional, effervescent, and a whole slew of other sweetie pie adjectives. In fact, it was those very attributes that had us feeling connected before we even sat down to chat with each other about their wedding day for the first time. I had posted a very real selfie on IG about how I show up to rainy weekendlong weddings in the Catskills, not even knowing that it was the exact vibe Syd + Dani were cultivating for their own weekendlong wedding in the Catskills. They reached out, and the rest is history. 

June 28, 2024

A Cozy Philly Coffee Shop Engagement | Dani & Syd

Today, we’re jumping into the sweetest love story of Jen and Pat, a couple from the city that never sleeps – New York City. I’m spilling all the deets on their engagement session in the heart of Astoria. Buckle up for a night filled with late night cocktails, hallway kisses, and a gorgeous sunset to end the night!

January 6, 2024

An Engagement Session in Astoria, NY Turned Into a Date | Jen + Pat

Picture this: an October day in 2023, right here in our favorite neighborhood, Astoria. These two lovebirds not only live here, but they’re also as unconventional and fun-loving as it gets.

December 6, 2023

Alex + Jake | Non-Traditional Bike Engagement Photos in Astoria, New York

Join me today as we venture through the bustling streets of New York City, sharing the incredible love story of Tazmin and Alex! Buckle up for a story filled with memories, special places, and the kind of love that screams everything NYC.

December 6, 2023

Tazmin + Alex | Trendy yet Classic Engagement Session in New York City

When I think about Deeksha and Perry, I think about a hopeless romantic, infinite, rom-com-in-New-York-City kind of love. From the very beginning stages of planning, they knew they wanted photos that felt true to themselves, in a place that felt true, too. Their love story found a perfect backdrop on the steps and within the […]

October 31, 2023

Deeksha + Perry | New York Public Library Engagement Photos

Couple sitting on a curb, looking toward each other, in front of a yellow block letter waffle house logo sign in the parking lot of a restaurant in Gainesville, Florida

A weekendlong engagement session in Florida, going everywhre from Waffle House, to home with pets, and a river house full of games and riverside games.

October 30, 2023

Ben + Catesby | A Southern Weekend Engagement Session